"No one sets out on a journey without a destination; there would be no point." --
Chase Butler


If there is one thing that today has taught me is that life is precious. And I want so much more in mine than this.

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I’m only ten minutes in to this week’s new episode of Arrow, and I already want to cry.

Shower scenes in any film or TV series, feel so unnecessary and awkward to me.

I don’t usually reblog OUAT gif sets, but this time I will. Sebastian Stan as The Mad Hatter was one of the best things about S1. Season One was/is THE BEST season. I stopped watching the show after August turned back into a real boy (back to being Pinocchio), for more reasons then one (one of them being because August was a fave character). Everything about season one was just great… well, aside from it taking Emma so long to believe… but, yeah.

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